The origin name “Nondys” means “little flower” and derives from Sioux Indian.

Christian Nondys Johnson

𖤥 Hawaii & Beyond

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My photography journey began as an epic adventure

from hawaii
 and beyond

Aloha, I’m Christian Nondys Johnson

Born and raised in Hawaii, my passion for adventure and thirst for travel is the driving force that brings my work to life. My photography journey began as a calling that guided me to a nomadic life on the road, with nothing but a suitcase, camera, one-way ticket, and an endless world of possibilities.

Ever since I was a young girl I've always been fascinated with imagery and the idea of creating digital art by capturing a moment frozen in time. From scrapbooking, to multi-angle flip-phone selfies, I was obsessed in preserving every memory of my childhood. Little did I know that those teenage years of snapping photos with a small point-and-shoot camera would inadvertently play a huge role in my future career, and ultimately a "life-by-design."

In 2013, I left the security of my island home in paradise, and landed in Los Angeles that further triggered my passion for adventure. Being a small town girl, it was the first time I had felt "culture shock."  The diverse melting-pot of L.A.'s ambitious individuals brought international stories of travels abroad that catapulted my infatuation with all things expat and wanderlust.

Over the next few years, I lived vicariously through the eyes of social media and binged on destination content. I envisioned broadening my life by travel filled with history, culture, and cuisine; so I curated a destination roadmap.

By 2019, I decided it was time to finally go on MY epic adventure! I had saved up to invest in photography equipment and a one-way ticket to Europe. 

"The real joy in life comes from finding your true purpose and aligning it with what you do every single day."

“There’s a defining moment during each of our lives that sets a new course for the journey ahead.”

1 Suitcase, 1 backpack, 3 types of cameras, and a world of possibilities!

My defining moment

I left with a mission to travel, learn, expand, and study the fundamental skills that would make me a great photographer and cinematographer.

I packed my bags, put my belongings in storage & set off around the world, not anticipating when or if I’d ever come back!

2019 Tavel Highlights

I’m incredibly grateful for that experience and the determination and grit I had to follow a calling not knowing where it would lead.

Since that first one-way flight, I’ve moved back home to Hawaii, invested in more equipment, and traveled to a total of 28 countries gaining more experience with each destination and new client.

“I’m passionate about what I do and the people I get to serve.”

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